How To Host A Zoom Party

Attention Parents: Here’s how to throw a ZOOM kids party during lockdown!

Today, more than ever, it is so important to keep a sense of “normal” for our children, bring joy and laughter to their lives and keep them connected with family and friends. If you’re like most parents, you’re probably wondering how to make sure your little one feels super special on their birthday while remaining safe. So why not throw them a ZOOM kids party?

Below we have put everything you will need to know about throwing a fun-filled kids birthday party whilst still social distancing.

Here are our top tips for throwing “Virtually The Best Party in Town!”.

Getting Ready For A Zoom Kids Party

It’s simple.

Set The Scene

Decorations are an easy way to make the party magical and feel as “real” as possible.

We know as a busy parent, your time is precious! You can easily outsource and simply order the decorations online. has a wide range of quality yet budget friendly party supplies, many of which are ready to ship within 24 hours. For example, you could get Elsa and Anna Frozen party hats for all the kids to wear or transformer tattoos where the kids can all show each other their cool Bumblebee or Optimus Prime tattoos while on ZOOM. Once receiving these you could make a special trip with your child dropping these round to their friends houses or send them through the mail (every kid loves receiving something in the post!).

If you’re looking to have some fun and make your own decorations see our previous blog post for some  fun, easy and cost-effective ideas we wrote up in our last blog. They are also perfect for those much-needed creative breaks from home schooling if you’re just looking for some fun for the kids.

Dress to Impress

A simple way to make your child feel extra magical is through dress ups! also has a wide variety of quality costumes for every party theme imaginable. You can also encourage your guests to dress in the theme just as they would for an on-site party!


Food for thought!

What’s a kids party without kids party food!? Have fun making some themed food with your little one/s like jelly in colours that match the theme or cupcakes the birthday child can ice. Traditional party food like fairy bread is always fool proof too! Some parents like to make/order cupcakes to drop around to their guests, others just like to make one cake and then have the kids simple sing Happy Birthday over ZOOM, whatever works! Baking is another creative way for your kids to de-stress and take a break from any everyday stresses such as home-schooling.

ZOOM Kids Party Entertainer!

Whilst Elsa may be staying out of the cold in Arendelle, Superman in his fortress of Solitude & Unicorns stuck somewhere over the rainbow, they still love to party . Using ZOOM our team of professional performers will appear on a theme specific virtual backdrop taking the kids on an amazing adventure.

With personalised packages filled with fun and interactive games, dancing, magic and much more, the kids will love this unique and memorable experience. Here at StarDust Kids we know that many people may be experiencing some financial stress, which is why we have restructured our packages and pricing to make sure our “new virtual kids party”, is affordable. And, for a short time only, receive a FREE bonus video message (usually valued at $35). We run parties every day and it’s quick and easy to book which means that you can even book a party in for the very next day!


How To Host The Perfect Virtual Party

Virtual Kids Party

How to throw an extra special virtual kids party for your little one from home!

We know there is a lot going on at the moment. But that doesn’t mean your little one needs to miss their special day! It is so important, now more than ever, to keep a sense of normalcy for our children, and celebrating their birthday is a big part of that. So why not throw them a virtual kids party!

We know that many parents are stumped for what to do for your little one’s special day this year. But never fear, StarDust Kids have come up with some helpful hints and tips to make sure your child isn’t disappointed on their birthday this year.

Below we have put everything you will need to know about throwing a fun-filled kids birthday party in one place whilst still social distancing; to ensure safety and minimise stress while maximising smiles!

Here are our top tips for throwing “Virtually The Best Party in Town!”.


Getting Ready For A Virtual Party….

First things first.

  • Set a date and time
  • Decide if you are keeping it more intimate with immediate family only or want to have a bigger party with extended family and friends (with the power of technology it can be as big or small as you like)
  • Send out your invitations via social media or email
  • Decide on a theme
  • Decide on some games and gather equipment

If you don’t know where to start and would rather sit back, and leave the planning and party hosting to someone else, book a StarDust Kids virtual kids party today.


Be Creative Cool Cats!

Be creative with your decorations!

  • Cut out paper snowflakes for a Fabulous Frozen Party right out of Arendelle (
  • Make party ready Star Wars Light Sabers out of sticking household items together (make use of all those empty toilet rolls by sticking together several rolls using silver duct tape [black tape or sharpie for the details if you want to be extra] at one end and coloured duct tape on the rest of the toilet paper rolls) (
  • Dim the lights and put digital disco lights on the screen to set the dancing scene for a fun & funky disco party  – (
  • Make Princess cardboard or paper crowns for a Disney Princess Party
  • Set up soft toy dogs for a Paw Patrol or Bluey party
  • Pick out a virtual background you and your guests can use during a zoom party – (

All these activities are cost effective, easy, fun to do together and can be done as party preparation or as activities during the party itself. They are also perfect for those much-needed creative breaks from home schooling!


Virtual Kids Parties


Eat Me, Said The Cake to Alice!

Food for thought!

You can get creative with the food while still keeping it simple. an example might be simply making some jelly with your child in colours that match the theme. Or baking some yummy cupcakes and then having the birthday child ice them.

It’s great to have the kids help with the making of the party food, as baking is another way for kids to de-stress and have fun.

Popcorn for a movie night party is another easy option.


Keep Them Busy!

Great games and awesome activities.

It’s important when hosting a virtual kids party not to forget the games. Here are some great ideas to keep the kids active and make sure the party is full of fun!

  • Musical statues
  • Colouring competition
  • Karaoke
  • Online games competition
  • Mini spa day


Virtual Kids Party Entertainer!

Does your child maybe love Elsa the Snow Queen and has seen the new Frozen 2 movie more times than you care to admit? Moana of Moto Nui and has been standing at the edge of the water for as long as you can Or wants to fight baddies like Romeo like Owlette or Catboy from the PJ Masks Crew?

Or do they maybe aspire to be the next Famous Hogwarts Student like Harry Potter or the next Jedi Knight to defeat Darth Vader like Luke Skywalker?

Having a virtual entertainer (their hero right on your screens) is an easy way to make them feel extra special and important. It also means you can have magic, dancing, games and other activities at the party whilst self-isolating and without having to do a thing, and friends and family can all join in easily from their homes.

Many of you would already be familiar with the zoom platform we use from your child’s school but we send you step-by-step instructions as for you and your guests as well.


It’s Party Time!

At the end of the day, kids just want to have fun! Put on some of your child’s favourite music, play the chosen games and spend time as a family!

If you have booked a virtual party host, let your virtual party entertainer do the work for you. Just remember to have a cake ready beforehand if you would like the entertainer to help sing happy birthday.


Don’t Break The Bank!

Here at StarDust Kids we know that many people may be experiencing some financial stress, which is why we have restructured our packages and pricing to make sure our “new virtual kids party”, is affordable. We have also only included activities in this blog that use easy to source items you likely already have in your home.

So what are you waiting for? Enquire today and let us help bring some much needed magic to your child’s next birthday.


Throw an Epic Avengers Party for your Little Avengers

Avengers Party

Children of all ages just love superheroes! And they make an excellent theme for a birthday party. However, where do you start – Spiderman, Iron Man, or the Hulk? You might feel a bit overwhelmed at where to begin to plan the perfect event. To help you out, here are some ideas to help you organise a fun-packed Avengers themed party.

Which Avenger Does Your Child Like Best?

The main Avengers are Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman, the Hulk, Black Widow, Ant-Man, Wasp, and Thanos, who is the ultimate supervillain. These are the main characters in the Avengers films, and you’ll find it relatively easy to source party products featuring these superheroes.

However, bear in mind that there are dozens more Avengers, and your young one could well favour one of the less famous characters. If your kid has a favourite Avenger, you might want to plan your party around that particular character.

Party Decorations

When you book your party and send out your invites, consider whether you want to ask your guests to dress up as an Avengers character. You don’t want to exclude anyone, so you could suggest that any superhero will do, or that any fancy dress costume is also OK. It will certainly add to the party atmosphere if everyone is dressed up in capes and masks and comes to the party bearing shields and swords!

Decorate your venue with Avengers’ posters and balloons to create a lively scene and fire up their imaginations. Avengers party decorations are easy to come by, and it won’t cost a lot to buy matching cups, plates, and party bags.

Party Games

  • Instead of Pin the Tail on The Donkey, ask your guests to pin Thor’s hammer in the right place, or Captain America’s shield, or the Hulk’s fist.
  • Your little Avengers could make their very own hammer, sword, or shield. You provide the cardboard, glue, and paint, and then let them use their imaginations and creative skills. You could even let them use tin foil and glitter if you can cope with the mess!
  • Kids could colour in cardboard masks; print out superhero templates for them and set out the crayons, pens, and the elastic they will need to hold their masks in place. They’ll love wearing their masks and running around showing them off.
  • Host an Avengers quiz. You will need to do a bit of research on the characters and the films so you can write questions that aren’t too easy or too difficult for your contestants. Have them work in teams so no one feels awkward if they don’t know the answers.

Superhero Party Food

When it comes to food at your superhero party, you want bright and bold superhero snacks and lots of superhero figurines to decorate the table to stay in line with your Avengers’ birthday theme. Ice some cupcakes with Captain America’s shield, Thor’s hammer, or Iron Man’s face. Add green food die to some cupcakes, ice them with green frosting, and then use black icing to create the Hulk’s face.

Create a tray of fruit in the pattern of Captain America’s shield. You can use strawberries, marshmallows, and blueberries to create the red, white, and blue rings.

Wherever you are located in Sydney, Australia, if you would rather leave the party planning to the experts, then get in touch with StarDust Kids. We can take the kids on an amazing adventure, training them up to be just like their favourite Avenger. All of our entertainers are hand-picked, fully trained, and thoroughly checked so you can be sure that you will be getting the very best. We’ve got stacks of Avengers theme party ideas to make your party go with a superhero swing.

You can also check out our other characters and themes party ideas for inspiration. If you can’t find what you are looking for or you would like some advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Recreate the Magic of “Alice in Wonderland” for a Birthday Party

Whether or not you know the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland well, you’re sure to be familiar with the characters. Children love them! We’re talking about the grinning Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, the bad-tempered Queen of Hearts, and of course, lovely Alice herself in her blue and white pinafore dress.

Children have been enjoying Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s adventures in Wonderland for more than 150 years, and a birthday party centred around the theme and characters of the story is certain to be a huge success. Here’s how to host your very own Alice in Wonderland themed party.

Host a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Naturally, it has to be a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for your Alice in Wonderland party! You can incorporate this theme into your invites and your party decorations with nonsensical signs pointing every which way, teapots and teacups, and a giant top hat.

Decorate your party venue in the colours that are synonymous with Alice in Wonderland. You will want balloons, bunting, tablecloths, plates, cups, and serviettes in bright, primary colours. Choose red, white, and pale blue, or a darker blue if you can. Or, you can buy Alice in Wonderland merchandise, including plates and cups. Instead of party hats, make rabbit ears using headbands and cardboard.

For your food, decorate your plates of sandwiches and sausage rolls with ‘Eat Me’ cards. Make some strawberry jam sandwiches with white bread, but before you put the top slice of bread on your sandwich, cut little red hearts into it. The red jam will show through. Cut your sandwiches into little triangles and display them on a plate.

Top cookies and cupcakes with white icing and red hearts, and have plates of jam tarts and bowls of red jelly and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Party Games for Your Alice in Wonderland Themed Birthday Party

It’s easy to come up with some fun games and activities to keep your guests entertained. Consider the following:

  • Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, set up a game of Pin The Grin on the Cheshire Cat, or Pin the Tail on the White Rabbit.
  • Choose a Pass the Parcel Prize to match your Alice in Wonderland theme, such as a copy of the book. Whatever ages your young guests are, it won’t cost you very much to buy age-appropriate versions of the book.
  • Set up a craft table for your guests. They could paint their own teapots and teacups, colour in pictures of the characters, or stick cotton wool balls on a template of the White Rabbit.
  • Let them run off their excess energy in a scavenger hunt. Hide a toy cat, a pocket watch, a teacup, some playing cards, or chess pieces. You’ll have them hunting high and low for the hidden treasure.

Another way to ensure that your Alice in Wonderland birthday party is fun and memorable is to ask StarDust Kids to take care of everything for you. We specialise in birthday parties centred around a variety of characters and themes for children of all ages in and around Sydney, Australia.

If you can’t see the theme you want on our website, don’t worry – just let us know, and we will do whatever we can to help. Alternatively, you can contact us on 02 9557 9772 or by using the details on our Contact Us page. If you fill out our online form, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Stardust Kids Entertainment specialises in providing the best children’s entertainers and parties in Sydney for birthdays, weddings, christenings, or corporate events. We’d love to help you host an Alice in Wonderland party.

Spaceships, Laser Beams, Lightsabers: Throw a party for your Young Jedi

Who would have predicted back when Star Wars: Episode 4 (A New Hope) came out, that decades later, the franchise would still be a huge cultural phenomenon. Although there are many new, important characters – Rey, Kylo Ren, BB8 – the staples we grew up with are still as popular as ever. Our kids love Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Yoda, and the rest of the gang as much as we did growing up. Star Wars theme parties are all the rage again, so if your child wants one, think of it as an opportunity to relive a bit of your childhood too. Here are some ideas for the ultimate Star Wars theme party

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Get your Star Wars themed party off to the proper start with impressive invitations. You can either purchase premade Star Wars invitations from a party supply store, or for a more personal touch, you could design and make your own. The possibilities are endless.

  •         Start with a simple “space” background. Those are easy to find over the Internet. There are many photo/illustration editing programs available. Write out your time, date, and other party details to look like the opening crawl from the Star Wars movie. You could also throw in a picture of the Death Star, Millennium Falcon, or other iconic craft as an accent.
  •         Have Tatooine as the backdrop for your invitations and invite the Nerfherders (guests) to a party at the station – or better yet, at the Mos Eisley Cantina.
  •         Play up some Stormtrooper humour. Make the invitation in the shape of a Stormtrooper helmet and jokingly suggest that they not “miss” the party. 
  •         Shoot for a Star Wars girl power motif and use your photo editing program to put your favourite female characters together.
  •         Play around with Yoda’s unique linguistic style with phrases like “Come to the party, you must” or “Invited, you are.”

Serve Some Awesome Space Food

Many bakeries and ice cream chains offer Star War-themed birthday cakes. You could probably also find a novelty cake business in Sydney that can make something really cool, like a Death Star or R2D2 shaped/decorated cake. If you are a proficient baker and cake decorator, you could bake your own, of course. You could also try some of these Star Wars-themed food ideas.

  •         For some variety and fun, you could always serve a platter of cupcakes instead of a standard cake. You can decorate a few like Yoda with green icing and green apple “ears”, a few like Chewbacca with chocolate or peanut butter icing and a licorice strip “belt”,  C3PO, with yellow icing and candy eyes, or any of the droids with white icing and accents in orange or blue, depending on whether you’re going for BB8 or R2. 
  •         Pretzel lightsabers are easy to prepare and fun to eat. All you need is a package of straight pretzels and different colours of icing. Separate the contents of a tub of icing, then make a few colours for the different lightsabers – red for Sith lords, blue and green for the main Jedis.
  •         Drinks are another opportunity to take your Star Wars game up a few notches. Get a few juice jugs so you can offer your guests different drinks to sample. Yoda juice could be any juice or soft drink with a few drops of green food colouring. C3PO could be represented by tropical nectar or a similarly orange-gold drink. Chewbacca can be chocolate milk, and R2D2 could be any blue drink, fizzy or flat. Have your guests try all of them and review or rate them. 

Create a World They Will Never Forget

If you want to go all out on your Star Wars party decorations, you find a place that does wall-sized prints and watch your guests’ jaws drop when they enter a scene straight from one of the movies.  That can be expensive and somewhat cumbersome to carry around, though. Thankfully, you have many other options.

  • Hang galaxy patterned fabric on your main wall, and either pin up iconic Star Wars vessels like the tie fighters, X and Y wings, Millennium Falcon (even the Death Star!) or have them hanging down from the ceiling for a 3D look.
  • If you’re in a pinch, many party supply stores in Sydney carry a large range of Star Wars-themed decorations, including balloons, banners, tablecloths, and more.
  • Play songs from the Star Wars soundtrack(s) in the background so guests always feel as if they are part of an epic adventure.
  • Come to the light side: hire amazing party staff to make it your event even more unforgettable. 
  • Buy small Star Wars figurines – Lego miniatures work really well – and make your table into a battlefield, with the snacks and utensils as geographic terrain. If you will be using your main table for activities or a “sit down” eating area, consider setting up a smaller table with all the food and drinks, and have the figures hang out there.

Out of This World Activities

With a little imagination, you can make your Star Wars themed party something that your guests – and their parents – will talk about for years. Depending on how much space you have, you can “go big or go home”.

  •         Set up an obstacle course for some “jedi training”. Pool noodles make hilarious jumbo lightsabers — simply use coloured cardstock, markers, and duct tape to make the handles. 
  •         Remember Luke’s training sequences? Find a round piñata at a party supply store or section and spray paint it silver. Convert the stick into a lightsaber and you’re good to go. If your guests are younger, fill a round paper lantern with confetti and let them use pool noodle lightsabers.
  •         Modify “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” so that you’re “pinning” Jabba’s tail on his body, Han Solo on the carbonite block, Darth Vader’s helmet onto his suit, or Yoda’s ears to his face. If you are wary about having your guests handle sharp objects, use velcro tape. 
  •         If it’s close to Halloween, make it a Star Wars-themed costume party. That way, the kids will also get to wear their costumes for the party and trick-or-treating. Encourage the parents to dress up too – many of them would probably love to enjoy the festivities too out of sheer nostalgia.

If you’re outdoors, you have even more options.

  •         Buy different coloured bubble wands – they already look like lightsabers in the sunlight – and use acrylic paint and black or silver tape for handles. Ask your guests to “use the force” to unleash waves of bubble power.
  •         Set up various targets with different point values, load up the Nerf gun, and you have the perfect set-up for a Stormtrooper shooting competition.


We’ve got some awesome Star Wars activities planned as part of our Star Wars-themed parties, led by some of your favourite and most iconic characters. Talk to us about hosting the ultimate Star Wars party for your kid. After all, we are Sydney’s “Force” for fun.

Planning a Frozen Themed Birthday Party for your Kid? Here are some Ideas!

ElsaIt has been years since Frozen swept the world by storm; no one is about to “Let It Go” any time soon. With the recent release of Frozen 2, every little girl wants to be Elsa or Anna again. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the ice and snow with a magical Frozen themed party? Here are some Frozen theme party ideas and tips for throwing the ultimate Frozen experience, and for bringing Arendale to Sydney.

Let It Snow

It’s easy to find licensed Frozen theme decorations in big box and party stores, but by spending just a little bit of time and effort, the experience you’ll give your guests will be much more enchanting. A Frozen landscape should be filled with snow and ice. Blue and white streamers make for wonderful icicles if you twist them together like long spirals. If you have white or light blue icicle lights leftover from Christmas, even better; they will emulate the glorious twinkling of ice crystals in the light. Fluffy “snow” can easily be made with cotton batting — simply pull apart some tufts and place them on table corners and other flat items. 

Get your guests involved in the decorating — we’ll revisit this soon.

Fun, Festive Food

Food is the hub of every party. Done right, it will be memorable and inspire guests (and their parents!) to look up the recipes and make some of the treats for other special occasions. Thankfully, these treats are pretty simple to make. 

  •         Many bakeries and ice cream parlours offer Frozen designs, but there’s no reason you can’t make your own Frozen cake. Start with a tried-and-true cake recipe of your own or a couple of boxes of cake mix. You will be pleasantly surprised at what a little blue food colouring can accomplish. Separate the icing into two bowls; leave one as is, and add a drop or two of blue food colouring into the other. The key is to keep the blue in the lighter spectrum. If you can pull off an ombre look for the icing, go for it. If not, you can simply make swirls in the icing to make wind gusts where the blue and white colours meet. You can even jazz things up a notch with silver balls, snowflake cake decorations, and edible glitter. 
  •         A pretty – and easy to clean up – alternative to a birthday cake is a platter of cupcakes with the blue/white icing. 
  •         Blue gelatin dessert can make excellent “ice cubes” if you cut the amount of water in half so that the gelatin is firmer than usual.
  •         If you have snowflake-shaped cookie cutters, use them to make snowflake sugar cookies that you can decorate with the same things you use for the cake and/or cupcakes. 
  •         You can also put out little bowls filled with white and blue mints, blue candy-coated chocolates, blue gummies or jelly beans.

Arendale Inspired Activities

One of the main reasons behind Frozen’s appeal is the phenomenal soundtrack — even if you’ve heard it waaaaaay too many times to still appreciate it. Kids love to sing along, so why not set up a Frozen themed karaoke activity at your party? You can rent a karaoke machine, buy a kids karaoke system, or just set up the music and plug in some microphones. Make sure you record the fun. You can even send clips to your guests after the party. There are a number of other Frozen theme party ideas you can try.

  • With candy eyes and black icing, you and your guests can make mini edible Olafs out of marshmallows and toothpicks…and then eat them, of course.
  • If your guests are old enough to wield kid scissors, look up paper snowflake patterns and make some gorgeous decorations. Jazz them up with glitter glue. You can have everyone tape up the snowflakes on the walls. Take pictures of the final display and send them around — and don’t forget to let the kids take their snowflakes home.
  • Find out who the real Frozen fans are, with a Frozen trivia contest.
  • Instead of decorating the sugar cookies prior to the party, set up cake decorating stations so your guests can decorate them the way they like. 
  • Get the best kids entertainment in Sydney. Filled with an avalanche of activities, fun games and balloon modelling, give your child a party to remember. 

Fantastic Party Favors

Everyone loves gifts. Guests feel extra loved and appreciated when you send them home with keepsakes or gift bags. Again, with the recent revival of all things Frozen with the release of the sequel, you can easily find Frozen theme stationery and knick-knacks. Your local dollar store probably stocks Frozen stickers. If you want to add a personal, creative touch, you can forego the licensed paraphernalia and find tasteful blue/silver pens, pencils, and writing paper. See if you can find blue “slime” with silver glitter, make it on your own, or turn that into a fun party activity. Send your guests home with extra cupcakes — party supply stores will likely carry little boxes and doggie bags for baked items. Of course, anything with snowflakes is fair game!

Now all you need is a venue – and maybe even Elsa or Anna to make your Frozen theme party the event your guests will be talking about long after they’ve all gone home. We’ve got Frozen theme party packages and we’ll ensure that your amazing party goes off without a hitch. Contact us today to find out more.



Snowflakes have been falling in Arendelle since Elsa and Anna premiered in Frozen 2 and ventured beyond the city into the Enchanted Forest! It’s definitely looking a lot like Winter at StarDust HQ! Here at StarDust Kids, it’s Frozen Fever as we are still buzzing with excitement from our preparations for the films release. It has been all glitter, turquoise and icy hues in our costume department! Amidst the snowstorm of icy blues, you can spot rich berry capes – property of none other than Anna!. Boxes of glitter, fake tattoos, face paints, lights, limbos, hula hoops and parachutes (Elsa’s snow cape) are ready to go, and the soundtrack to Frozen 2 has been echoing around our office!

Our Frozen themed parties are full of lots of fun and will delight girls and boys alike! Get ready to see the latest magic our Elsa and Anna entertainers have been practicing with Olaf, Kristoff and Sven, watch them sneak up on the mean Prince Hans, not to mention witness them showcasing their very best Frozen moves to the hit tunes children know and love (in between being frozen by Elsa’s snow magic of course!).

We tailor each and every package. So if there is anything at all you would like at your event – snow worries at all, let us know! We can work our ice magic and kids entertainment into any event. Olaf knows that seeing a smile on kids faces is worth melting for, and we can’t wait to bring lots of smiles and laughter to your next Frozen 2 Themed kid’s party or event.

For more information, a quote or to book in a Fabulous Frozen 2 Entertainer, give us a call on (02) 9557 9772, email us at or simply fill out the enquiry form on our website!

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Who just came crashing through our doors?… THE HULK!

He has been sent by S.H.I.E.L.D to train the kids up to be big and strong just like him!

Our Hulk style character is a genius at magic, balloon models, parachute games, bubbles and plenty more! Bringing his own music for some dangerous dancing, he might even give the kids some fierce face painting or tough tattoos!

To book a SMASHING party with a StarDust Style Hulk, give us a call on         (02) 9331 1773

Elsa Has Arrived… Again!!!

Elsa from Frozen has been sooooooo popular that we have had to get her a new dress… Too much partying you see. Check out her beautiful new dress below.

If you would like Elsa to add a touch of magic to your next Frozen party call us today 02 9331 1773 or email us at

Elsa From Frozen


Anna From Frozen Has Arrived All The Way From Arendelle

Since Elsa ran away, Anna has been searching high and low and far and wide looking for her sister. She has travelled through the cold North Mountain and all the way to Sydney and has finally found Elsa at the StarDust Kids HQ

Now that Anna’s search is over, she is ready to celebrate. Why not invite the wonderful Anna to your next kids’ party? She will take the Children on a magical journey through Arendelle where they will get to play loads of great fun Frozen related games, help Anna perform some amazing magic, show off their “coolest” dance moves to their favorite Frozen songs plus much much more.

You could even invite both Elsa and Anna to make the day extra special.

For more information call us today on (02) 9331 1773, email us at or check out our website –

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

And Remember, StarDust Makes It Magic!!

SNOWSTORMING into StarDust Kids HQ is…..ELSA from FROZEN!

Arendelle has frozen over….and Sydney might be next!

After returning from her trip into the mountains Elsa has arrived in Sydney and is ready to create a magical winter wonderland at your next Kid’s Party!

Have Elsa come and join you for a Frozen adventure and learn all about her snowy friend Olaf, Sven the Reindeer, Mountain Man Kristoff and of course sister Anna.

This frosty film has captivated audiences worldwide and StarDust is here to bring the story to life. The gloves are off and this glistening Princess is ready to reveal her powers. From magic to balloon modelling, parachute games to bubbles, Elsa will make your party one to remember.

Call us now on 02 9331 1773 to hear more about Elsa’s icy adventures and soon you too could be have a wonderfully Frozen time!

StarDust Kids Brings You… Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!

From the sewers of New York City, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael have BURST into our office in Sydney to offer their services at your next kid’s party!

The third animated series of TMNT has just kicked off, and now the turtles are celebrating in Sydney… with StarDust! So pick a turtle, any turtle! We can come as your kid’s favourite – whether it’s Leo (blue), Mike (orange), Don (purple) or Raph (red).

This may surprise you, but the Ninja Turtles have lots of games and tricks to pull out of their shell… magic, balloon models, parachute games, bubbles and more! They bring the music for the groovy dancing games (no surprise they don’t require electricity – everything they need is in that shell!) and they may even have fake tattoos and face paints!

To book a party with a StarDust Turtle, give us a buzz on 9211 9254.

New & Exciting Characters Added!!!

The wardrobe is bursting and so are we… to tell you that we have SO MANY new characters for you to choose from!

StarDust Kids has been scouring Sydney (and beyond!) for the latest and most popular characters out there to add to our collection. Thanks to our amazing clients and their wonderful kids, we’ve been inspired to find a whole heap of new characters to invite to your next party!

StarDust Kids is proud to announce that we now have Cole – the famous ninja of the Earth from NINJAGO! As well as all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles under our belt!

We also have a very adventurous Jungle Explorer, and a smooth 007-esque Secret Agent to train the kids into top secret spies!

In addition to Alice, you can now invite The Mad Hatter to the tea party – what a laugh he is! Speaking of laughter, Giggle and Hoot are… well… a hoot! We also have the Green Lantern to battle against boredom at your kid’s next party.

Watch this space: Captain America is flying in soon!

Who Knew There Was StarDust In Narnia?

StarDust Kids spent the weekend at the launch of the very special Narnia exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum. After being involved in the Harry Potter Exhibition, we were only too delighted to be invited back to the Powerhouse for The Chronicles of Narnia.

Our very own Sam was Peter the Magnificent for three days! It was an incredible experience and such an exciting exhibition to be a part of! The children were captivated… including those of the special guest Nicole Richie!



The Exhibition:

StarDust Kids Bring the Disco to Katoomba

We brought our Disco Party to Katoomba RSL on the weekend and had a discoBALL of fun! It was our second time entertaining the kids at the Katoomba RSL event (and we’re booked again on the 8th July!)

The kids showed us their craziest dance moves… even crazier than the infamous groovey moves of our Silly Sam and Mad Maeve!

The 2 hours whizzed by and we’re already looking forward to the next party in July where there is sure to be even more amazing music, fun games and not to forget, CRAZY Dancing! We may need some new dance shoes by then though… these ones are wearing out fast!

Our Disco Parties are LOTS of fun! Packed with dancing, as well as all kinds of fun activities to keep the kids on their TOES! To find out more just click the link or call us today on (02) 9211 9254 or 0450 429 352.