How to Throw a Virtual Kids Party!

How to Throw a Virtual Kids Party!

It’s the only time your little one is turning, 4, 5, 6… and you’re in lockdown for your kids party. Never fear, we’re here to help save the day. While it breaks our hearts we’re currently unable to fly by magic carpet, on broom or using wings and capes over to you, it doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun and help make memories that truly become ‘a tale as old as time’ through our virtual kids party!

Zoom parties have evolved since the beginning of the pandemic with kids more experienced with interacting through the platform and we’re finding them more engaged and excited to use technology to connect.

With magic, games, q & a, scavenger hunts and a FREE personalised birthday video as a keepsake (to bring out on their 18th or 21st) your little one can still celebrate with their family and friends. Their cousins interstate or overseas who may not usually be able to come can join in too!

virtual zoom kids party

We have over 300+ costumes and characters. Pictured (Elsa, Optimus Prime, Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, Fairy & Ninjago.

Apart from entertainment, here are some other tips and tricks to create an immersive party experience. If you see words in blue, it means we’ve linked recommended suppliers, just click on the words to go straight to them.

  • Let them eat cake! If restrictions allow, organise a cupcake drop during your allowed outdoor exercise and drop cupcakes at your guests houses
  • Look the part! and order a costume for the birthday child so they can dress like their favourite character
  • Set the scene! Decorate the wall behind where your little one will be sitting with props, decorations and balloons
  • Set the scene, part 2! You can also use virtual backgrounds so that all your party guests appear under the sea with Ariel, in Arendelle with Elsa, or in the gaming world of Super Mario or Sonic The Hedehog.

Feedback for our Virtual Parties

Liam’s 6th Birthday

“I would like to thank you for making my son’s birthday so special. We were a bit worried about his special day this year but the zoom party made a big difference and made him so happy. He really did feel as if his friends are here celebrating with him. Iron man was absolutely amazing, so nice and funny. The kids absolutely loved him.
People are still telling me how amazing this idea is and how their kids enjoyed the party.
The attached video is such a nice memory to keep.
Thank you again!” – Efrat A

Heidi’s 4th Birthday

“Thank you so much for the excellent Zoom party. It honestly exceeded my expectations. Maddie was fabulous! Heidi felt super special and thought the party was excellent. The video from Anna the other day was also great. Heidi’s face lit up and she was talking to the screen because she didn’t realise it was a video lol.” – Martina M