Spiderman Party

Peter Parker Picked a Perfect Party… A Spiderman Party of Course!

Spiderman knows “with great power comes great responsibility” and applies this master knowledge to run our Spiderman Party. As one of the greatest superheroes of all time, he knows he has a responsibility to train the next generation to be superheroes just like him! To help defeat the Green Goblin, Spiderman will train the kids on the best way to sneak up on baddies, clean his spidey capture net, make a tickle sword and dance the coolest superhero dance moves + much much more!

Spiderman Party

Brodie’s 4th Birthday Party

We had such a wonderful experience with StarDust Kids, and ‘Spiderman’ (Nelson) was well above my expectations.  The kids were so engaged and had a great time, which made it a stress free party for me.

Thanks again!

Kate E 

Nicholas’ 7th & Bills 4th Birthday Party

I want to say a big thank you for everything. All the kids had a good time with Spiderman (Simon), everything was perfect. Will see you again for the next birthday party. Thank you very much!

Gergana T 

Oliver’s 1st Birthday Party

Spiderman (Luke) was great and the kids loved him! They were all over him. He had the right games for the group age and we couldn’t be happier with our choice! The kids were super happy!

I will send some pictures to you so you can have it posted in your social media!

Thank you for your services!

Nadia A 

We also have a whole host of other awesome superhero characters