Ariel Party

Up Where They Walk, Up Where They Talk, Up Where They Party with Ariel

We got no troubles, life is the bubbles in our Ariel party! Themed around all things “under the sea” our Little Mermaid party is full of FUN. The kids will be taken on a magical mermaid adventure with Ariel who will train the kids up to be just like her. They will learn how to sneak up on Ursula the evil sea witch and help clean Ariel’s ocean net for carrying her gadgets, gizmos, whozits and whatzits and thingamabobs.

They will learn some super cool ocean magic, laugh at Flounder and Sebastian’s favourite balloon show and show off their best mermaid moves on the dance floor. This Little Mermaid party is designed for both boys and girls so you can rest assured that everyone will have a fantastic time!



Ariel Party


Mer-mazing Feedback for our Ariel Party

Eva’s 5th Birthday Party

Ariel (Victoria) was amazing!!! The girls loved her so much and are still speaking about her at school. She was so bubbly and attentive and all the parents were equally as impressed.

Ariane C 

Layla’s 4th Birthday Party


Ariel was amazing!! No actually she was incredible!! She had the kids glued for an hour!! So much so they didn’t eat any of the food and my house was spotless as they didn’t move from the outside area!! Zoe was on time and amazing!! Couldn’t have asked for more thanks so much!!!

Pam G

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